New dangers on nairn’s beaches?

While recognising that the land reform legislation¬† has changed, it is worrying that we or our children can’t go onto the Central Beach without a lingering worry that we’ll be set upon by an unruly dog. Or just as bad, step on something as we make our way along the paths to the beach.

Yes, most dog owners are responsible but I wonder how many will keep their dogs on a lead on the beach. How many have sufficient control of their dogs to be able to call them back from a “friendly” leap towards a frightened child or nervous adult? Obviously it was beyond the control of the owner whose dog attacked the swan recently. There are simply too many owners who refuse to clean up after their pets. The dunes are a mess and so are many of our pavements. So dog owners you are being let down by some who just don’t care and who are spoiling our enjoyment of one of Nairn’s main attractions.

Yes, we have regulations in place and we have dog wardens but none of that seems to affect uncaring owners or unruly dogs. They have insisted on their rights without any consideration for others who also have rights to enjoy open spaces. It’s a sad day for Nairn when we thought we could all enjoy the beach without fear of being attacked or worry about stepping in something. So if you go down to the beach today you’re sure of a big surprise.

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  • The problem is especially one of dog mess, IMO.

    I’m not sure what the changes are that have been made, but I certainly hope if the original policy was ever policed, that energies can be refocused on fouling and successfully so.

    Nairn sits along a huge expanse of beach, so there’s certainly nothing inherently wrong with designating the busiest part of it as dog-free, to be more family friendly. Is it no longer legally possible to enforce it?

  • Nairn dog walker says:

    Free doggie poo bags at Nairn Council Offices failing that we all have access to carrier bags ( simple ) fed up dodging the mess left at Bona Vista Road and at the bottom end of Merryton

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