Nairn’s new arts centre?

Nairn Community & Arts Centre

We have just observed that the striking Community Centre logo has been removed and the building is now called Nairn Community and Arts Centre. We wonder why the change. Could it be that talk of a new Arts Centre worried NCC that they’d lose out if a new centre did go ahead? But can they seriously imagine that wonderful though the building is, it can never be an arts centre. By all means have exhibitions and host events – which it does superbly well – but it doesn’t make it an arts centre. Whether or not there will ever be a proper Nairn arts centre or not, it is disappointing that they felt the need to incorporate the word “Arts”. They cannot offer what might be expected in an arts centre – art and craft workshops, a cafe, rolling exhibitions and a well equipped performance area designed for the purpose. It need never compete with the Community Centre and we can’t help wonder if this is little more than a cheap spoiling tactic. But let’s hope there is an suitably striking logo on the way.

Delighted to see the logo now back on the centre wall.

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  • anon says:

    A very good article, yes one could be forgiven for thinking that there is an element of panic in the air here.

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