Co-op Dual Pricing

Sometimes it takes me time to get up to speed – and most of you probably knew already – but it costs more to shop in a Co-op convenience store than a supermarket. Nevermind that the High Street Co-op is less than 100yds from the Supermarket – prices are higher. It has all to do with banding, so for example a pint of milk in the High St costs 56p, whereas in the supermarket it costs 49p. Anyone else spotted these price variations. Makes me wonder why anyone would shop in the High St Co-op when things are cheaper just two minutes away!

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1 comment for “Co-op Dual Pricing

  1. Bill
    November 9, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I seem to remember the Gurn covered this just after the Co-op took over Somerfield. To compound matters for shoppers the two Co-op stores seem to have different offers on as well, so sometimes the High St store can be cheaper than the King Street one for certain items. Still, we now have Sainsbury’s five minutes away as yet another choice and maybe cheaper?

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