Boy Racers!

Operating my shop at the bottom of Harbour Street I cannot understand why some form of traffic calming has not been implemented. During this recent spell of good weather there are dozens of pedestrians (young and old) dicing with death when the ‘boy racers’ sprint up or down the last straight. It’s only a matter of time before some small child that has not been missed by a parent gets hit by one of these noisy erks (or should that be berks).

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  1. Greg
    May 9, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Harbour St is not a very pleasant place to walk, especially if you’re pushing a buggy or wheelchair, or with small children. Yes, the problem with speeding vehicles is at the harbour end, but the pavements further up are so narrow they’re virtually useless.

    The best form of traffic calming for somewhere like Harbour St would be to remove the pavements altogether, block pave the whole area including some speed tables, and scatter street furniture (benches, planters etc) randomly on the road.

    This kind of shared space deliberately confuses the distinction between the road and footpath, forces drivers to interact with pedestrians as nobody has a clear right of way.

    This would have the effect of discouraging people from driving on Harbour St without legitimate reason (resident / visiting a business / visiting the harbour).

    Maybe the caravan site bridge could be reopened to provide an alternative route to the harbour too !

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